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another name for human resources? — Business Ready

another name for human resources?

General & AdminWhen you work for a small company (e.g. less than 25 people) odds are you don’t have a dedicated human resources department.  At this stage human resources is pretty much covered by the management team and common sense.  In their own way they stumble through corporate conduct and values, recruiting, orientation, training, performance management, leadership development, succession planning and beyond.

This summer we are going to start creating some templates to help smaller companies manage their people effectively.  Given our naming conventions you would expect us to call this product suite “human resources ready” but it just doesn’t do it for me - it’s too wordy.  “HR ready” just seems so impersonal (it is supposed to be for the little guy).  My ideal name would be “people ready” but this other little company has managed to scoop that one.  So, now I ask you:

is there another name for human resources that is more personal?

So, here is what I got for a potential product suite offering:

  • employee ready (ugh)
  • person ready (too close to Microsoft naming?)
  • staff ready (too condescending?)
  • labor ready (sounds like a new political party like: “new labor”)
  • picnic ready (I once met this guy with the title “VP of Picnics” - I loved it)
  • clan or tribe ready (you know, we stick together kinda thing?)
  • community ready (e.g. we are creating a community or environment for people to work in)
  • tone or ambiance or lounge ready (setting the tone for the office environment)
  • scene or club ready (this may be too retro)
  • zoo or drama ready (it does seem like a zoo, doesn’t it?)
  • ‘hood ready (too gangsta?)
  • life or role or social ready (the employee life cycle)
  • job ready (does the word “job” have too many negative connotations?)

I’m leaning towards “life ready” because a lot of the skills you learn in life are the common sense that make for good human resources.  But “lounge ready” also works because I always equate working hard with playing hard and I would want to create a certain vibe in the place I worked.

Damn Microsoft!  Why did they have to come up with an entire campaign called People Ready.  Geesh!  I can’t get this out of my head as the best name for the product.

Anyhow, let me know your ideas as I need to start posting some new products.  Cheers!

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on 05.18.09 at 5:55 pm

Names that seem like they are the best are usually taken becuase they are often obvious. Everyone is thinking of the same names again and again. But obvious won’t always elevate your product above the noise to get any attention. Think of your favorite brand names. Google? Apple? Twitter? They are delightfully daring, capture people’s imaginations, and come loaded with self-propelling marketing energy. That’s what you want in a name.

I’d start with words around feelings and ask yourself what is it like to be human? Then I’d ask yourself, what do people value about working in small teams/companies? Then mix and match until you surprise yourself :)

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